We Support the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

with an award package totaling up to $30,000 per student, which includes seed capital, tuition assistance, and paid internships.

How to Apply

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Our Program

Is a competitive opportunity for students to explore entrepreneurship and develop their ideas through customer discovery. Admitted scholars are ambitious, high-achieving students that want to make a difference in their communities and their respective fields. The vision of our program is to engage students early, provide them with an environment to practice the science of entrepreneurship, and open opportunities for them to grow their businesses in the region.

Students that participate in our program for three years can receive up to $30,000 in funding.

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We’re connecting our region’s best resources to empower each student to reach their full learning potential.

A Holistic Investment

Mentor Network

For Q&A including office hours with seasoned investors and diverse problem solvers that can help answer tough questions.


At funded start-ups and venture capital firms to learn how entrepreneurship operates in the real world.

Powerful Feedback

Bi-Annual Demo Days in front of investors, entrepreneurs, and customers to demonstrate learning and build confidence.

Meet the 2020 IP Scholars


Co-Founder, Unimetrics

Unimetrics is bringing affordable college readiness services to students of all backgrounds


Co-Founder, Covaid

Covaid is creating a national network of mutual aid volunteers for communities to support each other during the age of COVID-19

Where our Students Interned last Summer