How many students are accepted into the program?

The goal is to select between three to five students each year that meet or exceed our criteria and have presented ideas that we believe the program can support. In the future, we may accept more students into the program based on available funding. Students that are not offered a cohort invitation will be invited to join our Affiliate program.

How much equity does your program take for providing seed funding?

This program takes zero equity for providing funding or any “non-software development”* support for students. Students in need of additional funding or inspiration are encouraged to check out these resources.

Does your program assert any claim on intellectual property?

Generally, this program makes zero claim or assertion to any intellectual property you create during your participation in the program. There are exceptions in special cases in which you request financial investment beyond what is normally part of the program’s Award Package. Financial investment from Innovators of Progress includes custom software development.*

Do I need to know how to code?

No! However, it’s strongly recommended that you join forces with a technical co-founder that can code. If you’re unable to find a co-founder, we will customize your program experience to maximize your ability to succeed and learn the basics.

Can I apply if I’m working on my idea with a team?

Yes! However, you must be recognized as a founder or co-founder of the team working on the idea you plan to submit. As an added bonus, your acceptance into the program means your teammates are automatically considered affiliates of Innovators of Progress.

Can I apply if my idea is a social venture or a non-profit?

Yes! However, your idea must still be technology-enabled and economically feasible without solely relying on donations or fundraisers. Please contact us in advance if you have further questions.

*Special Note:

Innovators of Progress staff members are committed to the success of every student in the program. However, staff members do not offer uncompensated software development for students; no exceptions. Students seeking custom software development are encouraged to find suitable talent to join their team as a co-founder or hire a consultant.